Name : Kangchenjunga

Height : 8,586m

Location : Taplezung

Mt. Kanchenjunga Main (8586 m.)
Mt. Kanchenjunga main deserves world's third highest peak. It rises to 8586 m. above the sea level. Mt. Kanchenjunga Main lies in the far eastern part of Nepal. Mr. George Christopher Band of UK scaled Mt. Kanchenjunga first time on May 25, 1955 via South West Face.
The position of this mountain lies on:
Latitude: 270 42' 09"  and  Longitude:  880 09' 25"
There are two more Kanchenjunga peaks, which are as follows;
Kanchenjunga (South) 8476 m.
Kanchenjunga 8476 m.
First Nepali Climber: Mr. Ang Phurba Sherpa topped Mt. Kanchenjunga Main on May 14, 1980
Normal Ascent Route: South West face
Caravan Route: Ktm-Taplejung-Mamankhe-Yamphudin-Cheram-BC
Total no. of Summiteers: 344 till December 2014